Three Ways To Celebrate National Nutritional Month

Nutrition Month is celebrated every March and is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The entire month is focused on helping people make better food choices as well as giving them the information necessary to help them develop good eating and exercising habits. Spend the month of March eating well and living healthy, and carry on what you learn through the rest of the year to build strong and sensible habits that will have a profound impact on how you live your life. Not sure how to get involved? Try some of these simple suggestions to kickstart a healthier year for yourself and your whole family:



  1. Plan family meals so you can eat together

Making time for family meals is so important. Pre-schedule and plan to eat dinner together as a family as many times as you can throughout the month. Use that time to catch up on your day, ask questions, share stories and talk about healthy eating habits. Go a step further by involving the whole family in the kitchen and delegating tasks to each person so they can see their hard work pay off at the dinner table.



  1. Explore a new fruit/vegetable every week

Habits may be easy to form, but they’re hard to break! Change up your routine and start a fun tradition by introducing new fruits/vegetables to your family each week. Make it a challenge to utilize the weekly feature in all meals and get everyone involved with the meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. Step outside of your comfort zone to try new and exotic fruits/vegetables or learn how to change up your go-to choices with new recipes/techniques.



  1. Visit local farms or farmers markets

Take some time to research farmers markets and local farms in your area. Spend a day visiting different farms, asking questions, getting to know the owners and learning more about which crops they grow and what type of growing procedures they follow. be sure to stop by the market and test your vegetable/fruit knowledge before picking up some of your favourites as inspiration for your meal that night.


Focusing on nutrition, having discussions about healthy eating and making necessary lifestyle changes can greatly impact every aspect of your life. Expand your horizons with new fruits/vegetables, learn new cooking techniques, explore your local produce offerings and get your family excited about eating healthy!

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