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Celebrate National Barbecue Month

May is National Barbecue month so it’s time to get out the grill, stock up on seasonal vegetables and enjoy the great outdoors! Our tomatoes, eggplant and bell peppers are perfect for the barbecue and with a little practice, you’ll be seasoned grill master. Use these tips as your guide and add your own custom flare with spices, rubs and oils. We guarantee you’ll be eating more vegetables in no time!




Cut out the stem of any Mucci Farms’ tomato and then cut the tomato in half and brush with olive oil. Grill them at 400-425°F face side down for 2-3 minutes and the flip them over and top with garlic, cheese, nuts or anything else you like and let them cook for another minute. Serve them as a fresh side dish or cook them a bit longer with no toppings and use them in a fresh salsa or sauce.

Grilled Tomatoes

Click here for the full recipe from Simply Recipes.




Cut our Mini Eggplants in half length-wise or into circle about 1/4 inch thick and brush with olive oil and lightly season with salt if desired. Grill at 400-425°F for 4-5 minutes per side. Use as a side dish, in sandwiches or to make a fresh batch of Baba Ghanoush.

grilled eggplants

Click here for the full recipe from Kitchen Ware Direct.



Bell Peppers

Cut our Sweet Bell Peppers in half length-wise (through the stem) and clean out the seeds. Brush with olive oil and lightly season with salt/pepper is desired. Grill at 400-425°F for 6-10 minutes skin side down and 3-4 minutes on the other side. Serve them as a side dish, stuff them with your favourite meat/grains or peel them to make hummus.

Grilled Bell Peppers_rev

Click here for the full recipe from Heart Beet Kitchen.


Grilling season is about so much more than meat! Use our fresh produce to serve healthy, seasonal side dishes and get creative with your grilling techniques. For more delicious barbecue recipes and helpful grilling tips, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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