Hug A Vegetarian Day

On Saturday September 24th, the world celebrates Hug A Vegetarian Day! There are many people all over the world who believe that there’s no reason we should continue eating animals, and there’s plenty of arguments to support this stance. Both the environment and our health can benefit from excluding meat and animal products from our diets. There’s also a lot of cruelty in today’s meat industry, and this amount of suffering can be alleviated by fewer people choosing to eat meat. Hug A Vegetarian Day was created to honour those who have taken this step to live a cruelty free life by removing meat from their diet.


The history of Hug a Vegetarian Day is tied to the history of PETA, the organization that founded it. The day was established to show recognition and appreciation for those that have made the difficult transition to a meat free and animal-product free lifestyle. Being a vegetarian isn’t always easy, your food options tend to be limited at restaurants, and there’s a strange social hostility against those who choose to not consume animals. Since vegetarianism first started becoming a popular dietary move, there have been a lot of vegetarian options entering the market and today it’s relatively easy to find an alternative to anything left behind in the transition. So give these brave souls a hug to thank them for the animal lives they save, and the difficulties they sometimes face in their race to save our animal friends.


Want to celebrate Hug A Vegetarian Day? Invite your vegetarian friends over and whip up some of these delicious meat-free appetizers using our fresh produce:


Grilled Pineapple & Tomato Salsa

Grab your favourite chips and get ready to dig into this tangy, fresh salsa made with Tango Pink Roma Tomatoes. With just the right balance of sweet, heat and citrus, it’s an easy crowd pleaser!


mucci farms kingsville greenhouse grown tango pink Roma salsa recipe



Greek Cucumber Rolls

Enjoy the traditional greek flavours you love in these simple, bite-sized rolls. Super easy to make and super impressive to serve, these rolls make a great party appetizer or quick snack.


mucci farms kingsville greenhouse grown mini cucumbers recipe



Quinoa Stuffed Mini Peppers

Everyone loves a stuffed pepper! These tasty little bite-size versions are seasoned to perfection and very easy to prepare.



mucci farms kingsville greenhouse grown sweet to the point stuffed peppers quinoa recipe



Strawberry Basil Crostini

Our Smuccies Sweet Strawberries make this unique appetizer super sweet. Your guests will love the unexpected flavour combination and you’ll love how fast they get gobbled up!



mucci farms kingsville fresh flavourful greenhouse grown produce recipe smuccies sweet strawberries naked leaf living herbs basil grilling grilled


For more information about Hug A Vegetarian events and how you can get involved, visit the PETA website. Looking for vegetarian recipes and meal ideas? Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.

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