Greenhouses create optimum environments for growing while offering benefits for our environment and resulting in growing  a secure and healthy food supply.

Advantages of "Greenhouse Grown"

· All year round growing, availability and consistent quality of the produce therefore, we can
  pick at the peak of ripeness to insure optimum taste and deliver fresh.

· Completely Non GMO varieties.

· Greenhouse vegetables offer safe foods for your family. We continue year round food safety
  program, and annual audits are performed by Primus.

· Ability to control temperature and humidity - Greenhouses are able to regulate
  temperatures; as temperature fluctuations can stress plants and slow growth. Therefore, we
  can create the perfect growing environment for our plants to thrive and become flavourful.

· Our state of the art greenhouses are biologically controlled with the use of Integrated Pest
  Management (IPM). IPM is a proactive program designed to control the population of
  undesirable pests with the use of natural predators. IPM works by identifying potential pest
  problems, monitoring populations, reducing pest populations and evaluating the
  effectiveness of treatments. Effectively replacing the use of pesticides, IPM addresses pest
  issues with insects found throughout nature, which means that we use “good bugs” to help
  with pollination and to help eliminate the “bad bugs”.

· The heat for our greenhouses is created with biomass energy sources. Biomass is viewed as
  one of the main renewable energy sources of the future, biomass is virtually carbon-neutral
  and almost inexhaustible. Waste products generated from everyday living and efficiently
  converting them into energy while capturing the CO2 for our plants.

· Growing in greenhouses protects your plants from adverse weather conditions and because
  we are enclosed and we grow on elevated benches/troughs, we can achieve a high
  caliber of cleanliness and security in our facilities.

· We recycle all of our leachate irrigation water to reduce our footprint on the environment.

· Our professional growing staff along with our Mucci Team provides year-round educational
  tours for schools so students can come and learn about vegetable growing and
  healthy eating.

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